Well we survived all the many March birthdays (Liam is 11)...and the two weeks of Spring Break. We took a few days to go to the coast and visited family and went to the aquarium. We went with my brother and his family to the Chris Tomlin concert in April. We celebrated Hugo's 4th birthday at our place, followed by a cousins wedding in Kelowna. We had Shea's 8th Minecraft birthday party here this past weekend with a few friends and then my family. We have been there and done that. We have been battling on/off flu with the kids since April. Every Monday in May, I had one of the kids home sick. Today, though it's June, that trend hasn't ended and Riley has his barf bucket at his side. :( I started running faithfully again and am up to 15k a week. It feels good and I've been noticing my clothes are fitting better again. We came close to selling our house and buying a modern one in Raven...but it didn't work out, so we're not sure what we'll do next. Maybe we'll need to find a spec house in the area as we are feeling crowded in this house. The yard however is wonderful right now, and I have many flowers, beans, tomatoes, raspberries etc. going crazy outside due to our unusually high summer temperatures. Though we were getting the house ready to sell, we are enjoying our new living room windows, a new ceiling fan, new foyer light, microwave, ensuite sink, cabinet knobs, white light switches and I have new white closet doors which I just learned to install as well! I have done lots of painting and replacing rotten fence boards. I can't believe that school is coming to a close already. Liam is finishing up his elementary years. I may just be the mother at the back of the gym crying during the grade 5 graduation slideshow. He has attended this school with most of his classmates since kindergarten. There is a french track at the middle school and I know many of his friends will be going that route (not us). And the rest of them are divided among 612 students! So things will definitely change for him next year! I got to go on his gr. 5 trip to a local camp. We got to go kayaking, horseback riding, do archery, and riflery. It was so fun. Riley is finishing up with middle school. He has not had the best time there and daily it's a struggle to get him to go. We are hoping something changes soon and that next year goes better in a new school. I'm working 2 days a week or sometimes less. It has been nice to keep in the loop and one day I hope I'll be ready to take a position, but with the way our mornings/sick kids have been going, it's nice not to be committed. Greg and I were talking about it being June already and realizing that we need to plan our summer holidays! Hard to believe we're thinking about that again.


Anonymous said…
whoa! another school year almost past!? CRAZY! hopefully there are many lovely hours spent at the beach together. Smiles MomE

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