I've been working 3 days a week since before Christmas, so as you know, this blog has been low on the priority list. Things may slow down a bit with work soon, as the open position I was covering is now filled with a new employee. I'm actually looking forward to a little break and can't believe I've been back to work for over 2 years now with Interior Health! It has been so great to do a job I enjoy and to feel appreciated there. We also got ski passes this year and have spent most weekends up on the hill, so our winter is flying by. Here's a bit of a recap of the last few months... We had our Davidson Christmas at the coast this year. It was short and sweet. Since we were down at the coast, we decided it would be great to spend some time with the Zinks (my grandparents) as well. Riley celebrated his 13th birthday there!! They took us to see "Fly over Canada", at "a huge dome screen with the latest in projection and ride technology creating a true flying experience (complete with wind, scents, and mist!)". It was amazing! My knitting club friend had a baby, so I got to take some pics of her... My mom turned 60!?! I've been working on some home projects, like painting, mounting curtain rods, hemming the curtains and sorting. I have the itch to move into a house with one more bedroom and a garage, as we are just squashed into our upstairs and feel the need to upgrade. Not necessarily bigger, just a better layout for our stage of life. We could reno our place, but the price to get what we want would almost be equivalent to a new one. So...we're looking at some options. Hard to believe I've lived in this house for 7 1/2 years! That's longer than I've lived anywhere in my life! We sure have used every square inch of it and have done a lot to it...leaving our mark on almost every room with paint/renos or dents! And especially in the yard. (Here's my dreamy bedroom with our massive new King bed.) Anyway, it keeps my mind busy thinking of the options for building/buying a new one. The boys are busy and keeping us on our toes. There is never a quiet day where I don't have to referee (their fighting) or drive them somewhere! We bought an electronic drum set for Christmas and they all three have been loving it. We got Liam into drum lessons and he is constantly drumming on his leg, the floor or the walls. He loves the lessons and is super pumped about it. Shea is still in piano and Riley in guitar, so we have many lots of music going on during the day. Liam started basketball recently and has had some great games against some local schools which is a total riot to watch. Liam is not an overly competitive athlete but is doing great considering he has people all in his face while he's trying to shoot! Shea is our social butterfly who has friends wherever he goes and is quite an easy going guy. He is doing well on the ski hill and will tear down those green runs like a champ. We're still working on him getting up off the ground when he falls! but he's getting it! We joined my aunt and uncle and cousins up there on family day, and he was trying his darndest to keep up to everyone! Hmm....what else is new. Honey bought me some pretty flowers for Valentines. I need to get back into my running routine again now that the roads are clearing of ice. It will be so nice to get back outside again and play in the yard. Well many more things have happened with us, but that is some of the last few months. Spring break will be here soon and I need to decide what we're going to do before it's here!!


Anonymous said…
Yay! ! so glad to read up on your last few months - I was missing it. BIG SMILES, MomE
Lizzie Z said…
I loved looking back on this post & remembering the GREAT times Uncle Wayne & Aunt Elizabeth shared with our Fly over Canada excursion! That was a blast! Hoping to see your gang again - hopefully soon! xxo Much love, Auntie Elizabeth

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