Two Shea stories

This past weekend, my parents asked Shea and I to join them on the long trek up north to Prince George to visit my sister and her family. We decided to go for it, as I would never do the drive on my own with kids and love any opportunity to party with the fam. So Shea got to skip school on Friday, and we drove up. We were able to stay in our favorite hotel there, which is like an indoor Hawaii, with palm trees and pools. It really is a cheap paradise, especially in winter. While there, we all went out for breakfast in the hotel restaurant, which is like a tiki hut in the main area of the hotel. Shea got the buffet and ended up finishing his meal before mine had even come. I figured I could be trusting and send him out with his older cousin to walk around in the hotel while we finished eating. I looked at him sternly in the eyes and said..."DO NOT GO near the pool. Don't even go around it. Just walk around the outside and stay far from the pool." Off the two ran, and the rest of us adults ate our breakfast. No less than 10 minutes later, Shea's other cousin came to the table and said, "The boys are in the pool." IN THE POOL?? How, what and IN THE POOL???? We purposely did not give the kids the room keys as we didn't want them getting into anything. All sorts of images were going through my head. I left my breakfast and ran off to the pool. My sister was there already hauling her son out, and I didn't have to say much and Shea came out and we marched straight to the hotel room. HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU GET IN THE ROOM?? He had his suit on, goggles and everything. He would have had to get dressed at Olympic speed and would have made a beeline straight to the pool from leaving the restaurant as it was only a few minutes later. "The cleaning lady let me in." Oh my word. BUT HOW did you think that was ok, as I said to go nowhere near the pool. What a rotter. I couldn't believe he would so blatantly disobey me. We have a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG way to go. His only good excuse was that my cousin (a responsible adult that we can trust) ironically was visiting PG too, was in the pool and asked the boys if they were coming in!! But still....any thought that maybe you could ask your mom if that was OK???!! KIDS. To be so carefree. The next day, we were lazing around in our hotel room. The adults were watching the olympics and the kids were running around and having fun. Shea asked me for a toonie to head to the gumball machines that are all around the hotel. It took him quite awhile, and I was almost tempted to go check the pool area again! Finally after 5 minutes, he came back and stumbled loudly into the room and announced. "AHHHHHH, I feel so good. I just had the best massage ever!" "I got 4 minutes and I L.O.V.E'd it!" The little crazy kid had spent his toonie on a four minute massage chair! What a nut. He is so crazy right now. Funny, adorable, but exhausting. Anyone wanna borrow him for awhile??


Elizabeth said…
YES! - SMOOCHIES from Auntie Elizabeth XOXO
Anonymous said…
Oh that SHAYSTER! ! he's certainly the entertainer in our crowd! Quick witted! Smiles, NannE

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