I've been running at the rink for a whole year now...does that mean I can officially call myself a "runner"?? I go through bouts of thinking that it's not a big when I talk to my friends who run an hour every morning, or just finished a marathon. And then there are others who tell me they just made it through 5 km in under an hour. It takes me 28 minutes to do 4.5km and then I walk a bit at the beginning and end to make it 5km. I go at least twice a week. I find it so much easier than it was a year ago, and my joints are feeling stronger, especially my knees. I was going to calculate how many km I've run if I averaged 10km a week....hmmmm....lots. I'll do the math later.
I got spoiled with our gorgeous fall and started running outdoors. Now the frost is out and I have to be back inside, but at least there is somewhere to go that is free. I was dodging hockey pucks yesterday afternoon, but typically it is quiet at the rink. The scale hasn't budged for me much lately, but I'm still down the 8 that I had lost over the year. I think I am gaining more muscle still and need to work on eating less. :P I've been in a great water running class as well that ends tomorrow. Then it'll be on to something new. Speaking of running...time to run get the kids!


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