Last week, at 10:40pm, the phone rang and my SIL's sister Marie called to tell me she was going strawberry picking in the morning! I said, ok sure, I'd join her and Pam at 7 the next morning to pick berries. The picking was great, and in an hour we had over 100 pounds of strawberries.
We took our kids to daycamp and then went to work at Marie's house, making strawberry rhubarb freezer jam.
(Pam cooking up the rhubarb.)
(Me, hard at work!)
(Hours later, the very last strawberry...with Marie!)
The fruit of our labor! From lunch time on, we had all 11 kids with us, but they did pretty well playing on their own. Marie was helping to feed them and clean up, and Pam and I plugged on. We finished up by about 4pm. My freezer is full of the yummy stuff! and 18 bags of just the berries for smoothies etc.!! So begins the food production season! (Thanks for including me, Pam and Marie! And thanks for the pictures, Pam!)


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