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Hi one and all. I hope you're keeping sane in this heat! It is time once again to make some entries for the local fall fair. Last year, we took a break and didn't enter, but the year before we did some entries and it was great fun and we even took home some prizes! You all helped me in choosing which photos to enter, and I'm hoping you'll help me again! This time I won't be a "new competitor" and will have to enter the "intermediate" division. I have Liam entering some pottery that he made in school, and possibly will convince him to do a pastel art piece. Riley is entering the Lego competition again, as well as a "live competition" where you have to bring your own lego and build on command whatever the judge asks of you! Should be fun! Riley is amazing with Lego and has officially outdone me on his abilities to create virtually anything. He is so excited about an order of Lego power functions that is in the mail, which will help him create all kinds of motorized things. Anyway...back to what I need from you. I am still thinking through which photos I want to enter. I will post about ten and hope you can help me narrow it down. The categories are: 1. Open...colour 2. Sunrise, Sunset, Moonlight and Reflections 3. People 4. Action/Sports 5. Plant 6. Animals 7. Travel 8. Open...black and white I can enter up to three in every category, and don't suspect that I'll have any photos to enter of Action, Animals or Travel. I think entering 6 will be lots. Ok...so... 1.
(I will need Heather's approval for this one!) 7.
(I guess I do have an animal!) 13.
Hmmm....I don't have any black and white on here. I will have to continue my search through my photo archives (not easy). I'm thinking maybe one of Isaac, and I am open to any suggestions. If you can think of a photo that you'd like to see me put up here, please say something! Thanks so much!


Anna said…
1, 6, 9, 11 and 14 are my faves. :) You're so talented. Love you!
Anna said…
Could you put 3, 8, and 9 together somehow?? LOVE those fruit ones.
Anonymous said…
Oh man - that's a hard thing to pick! ! I love 'em all. . . the only one I'd eliminate is the walk down by the lake as most photographers have at least one from there. The "flying boys" that I just saw on FB are pretty awesome - you could crop off the bottom to hide the tramp. I like A's idea about combining the fruit - they are so inviting.
Smiles, Mom
Anonymous said…
I like 1, 2, 10, 12 & 14
Could you convert the guitar one into B&W?
Love them all! Heathermex
Anonymous said…
I like the idea of grouping the 3 fruit pic's all together. I love them all!
Also really love the pussy willows!
Anonymous said…
#1 is awesome
i love the flowers-#5, 10 and 11
for nature ones-#14 and #15 are incredible-they look like paintings.
You definitely have an eye and a gift : )
Heather said…
3,10, and 15 are my fave's. You are more than welcome to use any of the photos you've taken of Hugo and I I LOVE his one year old photos DSC_7149 but maybe it is just cause I'm the mother ;-) Hope you win big!!!
Anonymous said…
Keep coming back to 4 & 6 - BUT they're all so great! ME

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