Weekend with the girlies!!

This weekend there were 17 of us girls from my dad's side of the family, together in Jasper. It was full of laughter, food and fun. It was good to get away.
While I was gone, Greg and my older two went for a canoeing/portage campout for two nights. It was the first time my kids had ever carried their own packs and hiked in to a wilderness campsite. There were over 20 people in their crew, and they really enjoyed themselves. I think it was a Father's Day that they will always remember.
So now Greg has taken off to the coast, and I'm back to being a full time mom. Tired but refreshed all the same.
Thanks to my ladies!!


Jamie said…
Hi sarah, i stumbled across your blog while i was researhing for kitchen desisn and colors. I love your kitchen! I love the clean look. Can you tell me what color and brand paint you used?

Thank you so much! You have a beaaaautiful family!
Sarah said…
Hi Jamie! Thanks...I'm still not done in that kitchen...hoping to get some tile in it at some point!! I used Benjamin Moore Paint, and the colors are Grand Teton White and Mocha Brown. The cream has a tint of yellow in it (which looks great with my old almond fridge) but I would go less yellow if I had a different fridge.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your prompt response, Sarah! I checked out the mocha brown online and it seems dark. Do you mean mocha cream? I have a white fridge, so hopefully it will still look as good as yours!
Sarah said…
I'm curious if you're looking at our reno pics of this house, or pictures from my old house in Calgary. My current kitchen has mocha brown dark walls and cream (Grand Teton) cabinets. If you have a white fridge, I would go with Cloud White cabinets instead.
Jamie said…
Hi Sarah, I am looking at the march 2007 posting. Must be the old house? White cabinets and stainless steel appliaces, grey countertops.
Sarah said…
Oh, ok...yes that is my old house...I did love the bright white kitchen and it had lots of sunshine. It was just a basic tan...Sisal was the name.

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