Happy birthday Lisa!! (a tad late)
I was thinking of her today, as she is one of my friends from Calgary, and today my hubby is there for a job interview. I know! In Calgary!!
The job market has been pretty slim pickings in the west. Not only that, the cost of living is HIGH and the wages are lower.
I have a lot of mixed feelings with the idea of returning to Calgary. Not saying we are...this is just one of those topics that I think about late into the night...
There are so many factors, right...like if it is a great and promising job, and if it is the only offer he can get, and if they aren't willing to let him work from home...then yes...we will have to make a big decision. To keep looking out here, or resign to the fact that Calgary isn't finished with us yet!?!
When you leave a place...I must say that it seems odd that we could possibly go back. Not that we hated it or anything. It was just not a destination. It was our starting place, where we went to school, were newlyweds, had our babies, and then left.
It kinda would feel like we're moving backwards, sorta back pedaling.
Greg hasn't even had his interview yet, so we don't even have a job offer. But you can maybe understand why I'm sitting here at midnight with my thoughts in a knot.
Ah, limbo. You bite the big one.


Lisa said…
Thanks Sarah! We had a nice birthday dinner and took the boys to Salt & Pepper for some Mexican yumminess - which actually made me think of you that day!

Calgary?!?! Obviously WE would like to have you guys back out here, but I can understand how it would feel strange. It's hard not to know what God's plans are. Good luck with your decisions!
Anonymous said…
praying for you today for sure! We pray for clear direction, a good job, peace of heart, unity . . . All good things you're needing these days. MomE

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