What HAVEN'T we done this summer?

I was asking myself that question today.
I made a long list of activities and things to do over the summer with the boys. It was made by both the boys and I, and consisted of this...
Skatepark (check)
Hiking (check)
Waterfall (check)
Camping (check)
Waterslides (check)
Go carts (check)
Movies (check)
Float down river (check)
Beach (check)
Bible camp (check)
Waterpark in Kelowna (check)
Bumper boats (check)
Boating/tubing (check)
Soccer camp (check)
Back to school shopping (check)
Biking (check)

Yup, we pretty much did it all. And a few extra things as well.
This past week has been pretty FULL and fun. We had aunties and uncles visiting, and our good Baerg buddies came and stayed at our place. We have been running from one party to the next, and sometimes combining parties so we don't miss anyone. That's the way it goes in the summer, often many people arrive at the same time so you have to split yourself a few ways. You also have to keep up with the groceries, laundry and dishes in the meantime. The boys are slightly pooped, but also really happy to have so much to do and so many people to be with. I think we'll get away one last time before school, but after this weekend, things should slow down quite substantially. When it does slow down, in that first week of September, I always wish that school was starting. By that point I'm running out of ideas and energy! and ready for some routine. That week tends to be long and s l o w. I'll have to think of some more ideas to keep us out of trouble. Maybe some day trips.
What do you do with your kids in the first week of September, especially when the weather isn't so great?


whew - that list is exhausting - but taken a day at a time it all happened! wow! good photos too to help store up the memories you've been making
Bloggy Mama said…
unREAL!! You are amazing.

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