The weigh down.

Many many people I know are on diets. Some are doing a "cleanse". Some are cutting out sugars and wheat. I'm stickin to the see-food diet.
I thought it was about time I stepped on the scale this morning. Inhale. Suck it in. Even though that doesn't take any weight off, somehow it makes you feel skinnier to hold in your gut. I weighed the same as I always do. I fluctuate about 5 pounds (other than when I'm prego). I have had some skinnier moments than others, but all within about 5 pounds. I'm glad I haven't gained anything lately, but my body is pretty much a mess right now. It has no tone and just feels saggy. Gross. I need to hit the gym. I'm pretty convinced that more weight will come off when I wean the baby (as it always has in the past), and I have more freedom to run off and be active. So in one sense I'm waiting til then before I start some drastic weight-loss program. I don't have unrealistic goals. I just hope one day to pass that 5 pound skinnier mark and maybe be more like 15 pounds smaller.
A girl can dream.
Hit me up with some good ideas that don't involve starvation.


Anna said…
I don't have any bright ideas for ya but gotta the "happy homemaker" shot!
Angella said…
The flu worked for me ;)

It will come off - many people hold onto five to ten pounds while nursing, and it comes off after.

Shea's getting so BIG!!
karen said…
I have that same sweater in green. Love it!

I always held on to that last bit while I nursed, and had such a huge appetite so it was hard to lose any. And, I'm not one to give advice, because I feel like I'm in the same boat. But from what I hear, smaller portions and lots of water can help.

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