Summer is so long and lazy and fast and exciting all at the same time. I do love it, though it is a true marathon. I try to keep up with the house while running kids to and fro and keeping them quiet so Greg can work. It is the busiest and yet not! I do not miss the practicing piano, lunch making and homework AT ALL. I am having a hard time with the fact that we're in the middle of August already. I haven't accepted much work because it just becomes tricky to farm out the kids. We have been away just a little as our main holidays were done in Mexico! We did do a five night trip down to the coast and Bellingham. Greg and I also snuck away on our own for four nights to Edmonton for the Folk Fest which was absolutely incredible. Anna and her kids came up and stayed at our place for just over 3 weeks and we were good Salmon Arm tourists that packed in all the fun we could. Greg's siblings are coming up this weekend now and then we'll have a few days off before we're back at er'. We've been loving our new house with it's small garden, lovely air conditioning and space to spread out. I particularly love it's location to Little Mtn. and have hiked up it at least 30x just this summer. Most of those times were with Anna, which was great to do together. Well, I'm hoping to make jam today and need to catch up on housework, so I'd better run. I'll leave you with a few pictures!


Anonymous said…
Nice summary - and the photos bring lots of memories! Glad you posted 🤗MomE

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