Heading South!

This house business is taking WAY too long! We have had over 24 showings and an open house. I have cleaned endlessly and am SO sick of it. A few weeks ago we finally got our first two offers. We have accepted one, though they had to sell their house. Within three days, they sold theirs yet it took a few weeks to get all subjects removed, but now they can remove their subjects on our place. Phew. I just want it all official so I can start packing! And speaking of packing, we are going to MEXICO for spring break! We have a countdown going on and are already packing our suitcases and buying extra bathing suits. The kids haven't really been far, and not on a plane, so they are so excited!! We will be sure to take lots of pictures to show you later. I was hoping to have a beach body. I have lost 12 lbs since Christmas just by cutting carbs and sugar, but the last few pounds aren't budging! I have been exercising too, but haven't figured out how to stop eating as much!! Wish me luck!


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