September startup

We started September with a bang! The boys all returned to their schools.
The older two are now in high school and middle school. So far so good, and it has been a good change. Riley (grade 9) is especially loving the freedom to leave the school grounds over lunch hour and skateboard around town! He loves his new electives of computer programming and digital photography. He started jazz band with G's old band teacher, who we love! We enrolled him in guitar again and he continues to play bass in church. Liam started drums again, and for the first time, BOXING! He is loving it! We think it's a great way for him to get out his anger on something other than his brothers! Shea watched him one day, and wanted to join too, but I didn't want the two together. So Shea has started Judo! It is so funny to watch the kids throwing eachother to the ground and just giggling away! I am a bit nervous for him, as he's the youngest and the only newbie, but he has a great teenage girl mentoring him alongside the rest of the pack. He loved his first day and gets to go 2x a week. He is back in piano again and not loving the practicing part, but I'm hoping it'll get easier. On the boys first day of school, I went back to work full time to cover at the hospital for a lady on holidays. I love working at the hospital, and the physios I work with, so it was a great week and a half. Juggling the rest of life was a bit of a challenge though! I couldn't work full time without a housekeeper and a driver to take kids here and there! So I'm staying on casually, but already have a few shifts booked in the next while, so it's working out great. I love being able to say that I can't work in the summer, or in the next week when Greg goes away for work (in NEW YORK!). Today we're picking up a truck in Vernon! It's our first truck (a Toyota Tundra) and our first time having two vehicles! We will drive our van until it finally croaks and then will probably just get a little beater car. So September is going fast and it's going to be a busy year!


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