Life keeps rolling by. My kids are growing up! The kids are doing well in school and definitely have their areas where they shine. I marvel at Shea's reading ability and though he still hates to draw, his writing skills have improved and his little messages he writes on his own in birthday cards are the sweetest! He has almost finished his third piano book and is quite the little performer. I imagine he is wearing on his piano teacher, but also a riot to watch. Liam is enjoying being the oldest in the school, with many leadership opportunities. He has joined a junior youth group with a friend and is branching out doing his own things. Riley is continuing to marvel us with his musical abilities. He has started trombone now, is taking electric guitar lessons, but also plays bass, acoustic, ukelele, and trumpet. He is not afraid, and because he can hit the high notes, he gets all the first trumpet high parts. I just watched his band play 2 songs at school, and it was awesome. He seems to prefer his grade 8 teachers, to his 6/7 ones, and isn't overwhelmed with homework yet. Hard to believe that he's in his last year of middle school!? He keeps us guessing with his up/down mood swings these days! I have started taking more shifts at work again. Two ladies are taking week holidays, so I'm covering both at the hospital and at the care home. It will be a bit of a stress to be working the full weeks, but easier in the sense that it is done in two quick planned weeks, rather than being called in one day a week here and there. My bank account was starting to dwindle, so I figure I'd better get back at er! Two more positions are opening again, so I'll probably do some coverage while those are being filled again (like last year!). Shea and I have a ski seasons pass for our first time ever, and I am excited to try skiing more than three times a year! I may actually improve some? Time to buy some long underwear! In my down time, I've been taking some photos, and keeping up with my running. Here's my latest photo shoot, of my cute little nieces and nephews... (Also growing up right before our eyes.) Their house is coming along nicely, and this week they started framing in the basement! We joined them for lunch yesterday, and as usual, neighbors with a horse (needing riding) dropped by, numerous friends and family came over...yup, it's never a quiet place. Maybe we can convince Luke to build a skating rink out there on their huge land somewhere to add to the fun!!? Hard to believe that November is here. It came sooner this year due to the late start of school. Before you know it, it'll be Christmas.


Anonymous said…
Yay! a new post with a great summary of what's happening with "da boyz" and cousins! Yikes - NOVEMBER? ? have a GOOD one! MomE

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