Better late than not at all

The kids are back to school, and it's a good thing cuz that was a LooooooooNG summer! 5 weeks longer to be exact. Thanks to the teacher strike and the stubborn government! Today was only the first official day in their classes. They are in grade 8 (the oldest grade in middle school), grade 5 (the oldest grade in elementary school) and grade two. Next year my three will be in three different schools. We were trying out the homeschool routine while I had them home the past 3 weeks, and it wasn't pretty. I had fun with seeing them learn new things, and thinking up crazy art or science experiments. But trying to instruct such different grades at the same time was nearly impossible. One would goof while I'd be working with another, and on and on. I felt pulled in three directions and my house was always chaos. So we know for sure now that I was not meant to homeschool. And blessings on those moms who can do it, because you are very selfless and have more patience than I do. So we're happy to be back to the usual routine and getting the last two mornings on my own to breathe and do my dishes has been wonderful. They come home at 2pm, so we still have a long afternoon together. Shea is back into the swing of piano lessons and started up with swim club. Riley is in guitar lessons again, and will be in school band. We're not sure what Liam will be up to, but we're just happy to be back in school for now!


Anonymous said…
Yay! ! you did well - and they are such HANDSOME looking sweethearts! !

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