I told my boys they had to write 5 sentences in a journal today. (What a slave driver, mean old mom they have, right?) Thankfully my two oldest got right down to business. They know! We've done this every summer, and though I hadn't made them do it yet this summer, they know that I'm not going to let them get out of it. So they did their duty. The youngest, however, maybe he thought it would go a whole lot faster if he cried over every letter he wrote. And he was writing about kittens and waterslides. Really sad topics. So then my mom bugged me by saying I didn't write my five sentences today...so here I am. In fact, I already just wrote over five sentences and didn't even cry, so there. So summer came early, and work/school came to an abrupt halt. I wasn't quite ready for it all to be over, and yet it was. We went down to meet that sweet new baby nephew of ours. Then when we came home, we camped out at my brothers new farm with my family. Even since the campout we've spent a lot of time out there as they nearly gutted their new house and have done lots of work since. This past weekend (almost a month later), we helped them move out of the basement and into their newly carpeted/painted/trimmed rooms. It looks like a whole new house. So beautiful. Luke and Pam are work horses who we wouldn't see if we didn't practically move in there and work with them! We do take lots of time to enjoy their yard/pool/cherries and animals too though! Anna (my sister) and her kids have been there for a month and she has done so many projects too. She also is my personal side-kick at the beach, pulling weeds, chewing Spitz, picking raspberries in the rain, bellyflopping into the pool, flying down the waterslides, grocery shopping, doing dishes, and we'll often be found wandering around with 9 or so kids! So glad to have her here and sad she's leaving soon. Our little family also did a 3 night stay in Osoyoos with our trailer and sweated it out in the 40 degree weather! We spent most of the time in the water and lived in our bathing suits! We are hoping to do a few more trips before this summer is over.


Anonymous said…
Thanx sweetly! I love how you capture life in words and photos!
Anna said…
Good job on getting your 5 sentences in. :) Wish we were at the beach today! -A-

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