Life is full, and good right now.  I figured since I was enjoying myself, I should let you know about it.
As you know, all three kids are in school for the first time.  I was curious what this year would look like as I haven't ever had this much time to myself.
The house isn't as clean as I thought it would be, ha ha....perhaps a little more organized, but not so clean.  My meals are planned out and bought for the week.  I do more baking.  I've been able to volunteer at the school more often (twice this week).  I've been able to work out and joined a water running class at the pool.  I just started working for my mom on Tuesdays (she does housecleaning).  I've been able to sort through some old toys and sell them on a local Facebook site.  We've started up knitting nights again, so I'm starting up some new projects.   I'm still teaching SS and will help with a photo directory at church soon.  So with that and the normal cleaning, laundry and shopping, the hours FLY!  And I'm enjoying it.  I know it won't be like this forever, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts.
 After school hours are busy with the boys of course, doing homework, sorting through their bags and millions of papers, visiting with friends, and making snacks.  We haven't rushed into any sort of organized sports yet, so we're not running around to the rink or pool.  I think the boys will do snowboarding this winter and I'll just take them to the rink and pool on our own time.  With Riley adjusting to the larger work load in middle school, and Shea being gone all day at kindergarten, I figure some downtime is a good thing.
(cuz you need time to dress up!)
And so...ya, if you've wondered what I do all day while the kids are school...there it is in a nutshell.


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