Wow. I have handsome boys! So the countdown to summer is on! I'm starting to freak out about that a little, actually! The lack of routine and busy schedule is a little hard for some of us! It takes a LOT of energy, enthusiasm, patience and creativity to fill up a summer with activities for three busy boys! They all like different things, and their attitudes swing around all through the day. But I think it has gotten easier as we go along through the years, so I'm hoping this one improves even more over the last! Greg is headed off for his first work related trip to New York City in the morning! He will be gone for a full week, and with the nutty schedule of school field trips and other activities, it will be a busy week for me! I am sure he'll have a great time! This morning I took head shots for all of Riley's grade 5 graduating class. I did 46 today...we were only missing 3. These will be shown at the school assembly slideshow. They will be fading their kindergarten shots into these "big kid" shots and all the mothers will be bawling their eyes out! I can't show you them, but the top photo of Riley is his. Here's to the rest of this busy June!


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