Merry Christmas!

I can't say I'm feeling so "merry"! but I'm hoping the next few days will be good ones. The kids have been home all week while I've been busy cooking/baking up a storm in prep for our weekend away with the Engel clan. We are renting out a nearby camp and will have one main hangout lodge and cabins around it to spread out at night. I think it'll be great once we get there, but right now I'm feeling quite bah-humbug-ish. The kids don't like being home (or together) much, and with Shea and I fighting colds and with the huge amount to prep for, we haven't gotten out enough. (Apparently hockey, sledding, sleepovers, shopping, playdates, movies, skiing etc. just doesn't cut it.) My kids will enjoy being outside with their cousins, and we're praying for snow so they can sled sled sled off all their angst.
Hubby spoiled us all this Christmas, and you'll be able to enjoy one of the gifts I got as it is a new lens! Once I figure out how to use it, I will show you what it can do!

When we get back from our Engel Christmas, apparently the Davidson's are all coming down, so we'll be busy til school returns. Rileys birthday is next week as well.
I am sure I will be glad to get back into our routine again once this "holiday" is all over!

(Don't they look so calm and peaceful!)
But for now, enjoy the season! And as you may have noticed, I did NOT write any letters/cards or send a picture this year. I think I will wait til I can get a decent family shot. A Christmas letter seems pointless in a lot of ways as well, since you can all catch up with me here anyway!!


Anonymous said…
Yes, honey, I do keep up with your always interesting and revealing posts! Thanks for sharing your life with us! I hope we can help you enjoy the "holiday"! (I know it doesn't feel much like one when you're the one prepping!)
I can't imagine you taking even better pictures! Looking forward to seeing them!

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