I know I've been absent a lot lately. I haven't found much inspiration for writing these days, and have been spending my "me" time less on the computer and doing more exercising and knitting! So it's all good and I don't feel sorry about that.
I need to take pictures of my latest projects in knitting so far this fall. I've done a bear hat and mitts for Isaac, a pair of fingerless mitts for Anna, two toques for the boys, and I'm working on the last one for Riley at the moment. I think that's all so far.
And as far as exercising, I've been going to the local ice rink where they have a huge walking circle up above the stands. I can do over 4km in 45min and go twice a week. Then I also have been swimming laps for 45 min. and doing an exercise video one day a week. I hope to see some improvements soon, but so far nothing other than feeling a little more spring in my step.
We've also been going skating once a week, and I've nearly got Shea independently skating! He walks around the ice like a little penguin and it hurts my back less now since he doesn't hang off of me!

Anyway, more later...little Hugo is coming for a visit!


Anonymous said…
I am missing your posts - but am happy that you've found some great things to fill the extra bits of time. Your knitting projects are fun! Good for you! MomE

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