I should just have a big sign around my neck that says, "DAYCAMP" on it. Then everyone will know why and what I'm up to. Why my house is a wreck, my kids are crazy, my brain is fried and I am tired. I'm the craft director again this year for only grade planning for 60 kids. No biggie, but being a director means I'm responsible for the team under me and directing my youth helpers. Communicating, decorating, organizing. I enjoy it, but wish I still didn't have to deal with my mess at home at the same time!! So yes, that's what we're up to, and after next week, we will officially be on holiday mode.
We have made it to the beach twice already, and the waterslides yesterday, so that's good. I did get my deck stained, and my freezer jam made, so two things crossed off the long list!

Yay crazy mayhem of a season!


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