And so the story goes...

Thanks for just looking at my photos lately, with limited writing.
Many things have changed for our family, as of late. I have been busy in my thoughts, and not really knowing how much to share.
Greg has lost his job. He (and a few others) were laid off over the spring break as his company is trying to cut some expenses. (For those who don't know, Greg had kept his job from Calgary and was working from home.) He was able to do this for four years, and I am very grateful. We needed some time with our family, and to live in this small town and do some things we never could do in Calgary.
But now we move on. We will most likely need to move to another city to find a good job in his field. We're hoping it won't be too far away, to make visits with the family a little more convenient.
My brain is working in overload as I realize I am again in that position of needing to pack, move, sell the house. That we will be changing schools, churches, friends. That Greg will be working back in an office. That our usual routine and activities will all be different.
We told our kids yesterday and they are praying along with us, that God will take us where he wants us to be and that it will be a good change for all. That He knows the right job for Greg, and so we can remain confident and hopeful. I'm trying to be patient, as the "planner" part of me is going slightly crazy since I have no idea what is next.
We'd appreciate your prayers too!
Thanks friends!


Heather said…
Praying for you guys! I know it must be scary but it is such a good opportunity to really take a step back and decide where to go and where you feel God leading you as a family. Love you all so much!

Kristin said…
Wow Sarah sounds like God has some big changes in store for you guys. I pray that it will be an exciting time of change for you all and that God will be preparing you all for the things to come.
Faith and Mark said…
It's a huge and scary process. I know that as a similar planner I always get overwhelmed by all the details too. We will pray that you find something soon and that it will be in a good location.
ruth said…
Arg. So sorry to hear that you guys! Praying that something good will come from it all! Royden's motto is: 'There is no such thing as job security'. I'm not a big fan of his motto ;)
Anonymous said…
Awww Sarah :(. Praying for you guys. We understand! It's no fun IN the process but then that process ends and you can see what His purpose was in it all. Hugs to you my friend.

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