That was the name we gave to the fetal pig we dissected in Biology 12. I still can remember going from that class to lunch time when we'd try to down our sandwiches with the smell of fermaldihide (how do you spell that?) on our hands. EWw...
Anyway...this week I ran over a piece of glass and its stuck in there. Deep. I dug with my pin and tweezers for 2 frustrating hours. I got in line for the clinic and it was a 2.5hour wait. After all that...the doctor couldn't get it out either. Even using painful needles to help freeze it. No luck. We could both ping on it, but there was no getting it out.
So he says "It has to fester itself out". Oh great. Just what I wanted to hear. How long does that take?
So I'm waiting. The first day I couldn't put any weight on it. Today its more like a rock in there...not so painfully glass feeling. I'm hoping to quit limping by the time the long weekend is over.
Fester. gross.


Heather said…
You poor thing! I hope it comes out soon.

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