So long

Boo hoo, my friends are gone. They came back last night after two nights away to visit Michelle's mom, and then left this morning to home and their hubbys. Michelle is on the left...I am holding her baby Matthew. He is a little honey who puts his hand on his face as he sleeps...never seen that! It's precious! And her cousin Ang is on the right, with her baby girl Katelyn, who is only a few weeks younger than Matthew. She was already trying to talk and is extremely ticklish. She has 3 lucky big brothers at home who will be happy to have her back.
So we had fun...they are the easiest two to entertain and had rented their own car. We did a bit of shopping and went out for cheesecake, but nothing too crazy. It was good just to be together. Thank you SO much for coming to see us! I hope to visit them again soon. Our last visit had been in July of 2003. Wish we all had those laser beam machines to zap ourselves around the country.


Michelle said…
Thanks for such a good time Sush! Like you said it was soooo good to be together. I love your little guys, they're so hilarious! Hope to see you again very soon.

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